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Product designer contest
Summer 22

Contest stages
Medium level tasks
Short tasks will help you instantly show your skills and get access to further stages
Team task
Real teamwork. Get your own team together or join current one. Solve an interesting case together
Evaluation of works
Appreciate the work of other participants by assessing their works: it helps to learn new things, look at the problem from different perspectives and it's also very inspirational!
Publication of results. Job offers from companies for the best participants
We have prepared an interesting challenge for you, where you will need to design an application interface for weather management (yes, yes, management).

The solution should be uploaded by July 24th. You can register and start making the assignment anytime before July 24.
July 15
The remaining contestants have an opportunity to practice, test their competence, and compare their work with others
Receive the attention and favor of entire market.
For expert (middle, senior)
Are you trying to evaluate yourself objectively? This is a great opportunity to improve your skills and get honest feedback from the market.
Our tasks are specially composed with a challenge and don't take up much time for solving.
Beginner. Get the job.
Perfect chance to get a job at a company without a strong resume. Our rating is watched by the top companies on the market.
There is no need to pass a pre-employment skills assessment since our contest tasks examine your skills. Companies have an opportunity to choose employees from the top of our grading and hire them.

What are the ways of result evaluation?

It’s you who choose winners
The contest consists of two stages:
· The first is – submission of the completed tasks.
· The second is – the evaluation of other participants' works.

Each participant will add or subtract points from your task’s score.
Don’t worry, we have a special algorithm that helps us detect if the assessor is being biased. The algorithm has proven itself trustworthy during our last contest with a large number of participants.

Honesty is monitored
It is impossible to overestimate / underestimate the task on purpose, assess the task by accident, or simply mark everyone as "good" or "bad". Deviations from an honest rating will be detected by the scoring system and the final score of the biased estimator will be reduced.

Reviews from participants

All reviews are real. We are proud of them and believe that your experience will be the same or even better.

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Tasks created by designers from top companies

UX Designer at Microsoft | ex-Google | ex- Zomato | Product Innovation | Design Educator
I enjoy being around passionate and creative folks. I have been a visiting faculty at multiple universities like Woxen University & Amity Future Academy where I have taught courses on Design thinking theory & methodologies.
Charu Choudha
I design products and systems for consumer & enterprise domains. Over these years, in my career I've designed several leading products for companies like Google, Microsoft, Zomato and many more.
Lead Product Designer @Slice
I’m a self-taught designer, born and raised in India. With 9+ years of experience, I’m currently crafting engaging digital financial product experiences. I have gained a wealth of knowledge & expertise by working on a wide variety of projects in Fintech, Telecom, Fashion, Indian Navy, Ticketing solution, Travel, Hospitality, Real Estate, and Entertainment.
Rahul Bhadauria
I aim to build strong collaboration and sharpen my process to help businesses reach the next level. In another world, I love to make doodles, watch anime, play PC games & hunt for food.


Gleb Kudryavtsev

Product Manager at Joompay
I manage products at Joompay and spend a lot of time in employment. I’ve processed thousands of resumes, hundreds of tests and interviews.

It is hard to grade the candidates, fortunately, I formed a framework that helps me to do it successfully and methodically.

Our goal is to help talented people find great jobs
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