Hire product designer who fits for you
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Database of scored product designers

Only candidates with assessed skills are in the database. Immediately you see their real skills and place in the ranking.
Filter out those who talk well but perform poorly
In 20 minutes, choose the right candidates and contact them. The database shows the person's experience, test scores, and place in the overall ranking.
Save 10+ hours per interview for each candidate

Solving the problems with hiring product designers

  • 1
    There aren't enough really great responses to your vacancy
    Most of them do not fit the resume and experience. Many speak well, but really do not know much. The others cost too much.
  • 2

    It takes too much time to work with the candidate funnel

    Poorly written CVs. Certificates from courses with no real experience.
  • 3

    But even if all is well, something goes wrong.

    Cool candidates don't wait for you to give them an offer. It's important to be quick in your decisions.

We help to find product designer for you

We have specialists that are not available in the public domain, from Juniors up to Seniors. And many with already evaluated hardships and proven experience.

You can trust us

Founder – Gleb Kudryavtsev

Product Owner at JoomPay
My hiring experience is thousands of resumes reviewed, hundreds of interviews, and dozens of hires in all areas of IT, mostly for product and project managers.

Hiring vendors all the way up to C-level. Hiring consultants for well-known teams. This project is a technologization and scaling of my experience in this field.
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